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About Me

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University (in Visual & Environmental Studies), my Master’s of Education and Teaching from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa (with teaching credentials in middle and high school English and Social Studies), and my Doctor of Philosophy in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles. I have experience … Continue reading About Me

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles & Conference Papers Ryoo, J.J., Tanksley, T., Estrada, C. & Margolis, J. (2020). Take space, make space: How students use computer science to disrupt and resist marginalization in schools. Computer Science Education, DOI: 10.1080/08993408.2020.1805284. Goode, J., Ivey, A., RunningHawk Johnson, S., Ryoo, J.J., and Ong, C. (2020). Rac(e)ing to computer science for all: … Continue reading Selected Publications

Research Projects

“Researching Equity, Access, & Learning in CS Education (REAL-CS)”: A Focus on Student Voice Director of Research & Co-Principal Investigator; University of California, Los Angeles Funded by: the National Science Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation In an effort to keep equity at the center of “Computer Science for All” efforts across the nation, this project … Continue reading Research Projects

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